Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

From concept

Through to completion

The Phase 1 habitat survey is one of the first stages within the ecological assessment process and it is a technique for environmental audit that is widely used within the consultancy field.

A Phase 1 habitat survey is a system of habitat classification and mapping that records baseline information about a site and is widely recognised within environmental and planning disciplines.

Sometimes a more detailed phase 1 habitat survey is undertaken; an extended Phase 1 habitat survey identifies habitats that are suitable to support protected species or species of conservation concern.

The survey also records direct signs of protected and invasive species or any other significant ecological component within a site and the surrounding area.

Our team of ecologists can all undertake this specification.

Once completed, The resulting survey enables our clients to formulate detailed landscape plans based to ensure their project moves swiftly through the planning process.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey in progress
Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey completed