Project Description


BREEAM is an industry standard that encourages performance improvement and innovation by setting and assessing against a broad range of scientifically rigorous requirements, that goes beyond current regulations and practice. Biodiversity is just one element of this process.

Our ecologists meet the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) Ltd. criteria to be listed as suitably qualified ecologists, who prepare and compile sustainable assessments in relation to LE1 to LE6 of BREEAM.

Our ecologists undertake a site visit to record and map habitats and species, we provide advice upon features of interest and guidance on how to achieve the maximum credits which can be imported into the development design. Once the development design is agreed, we run the calculation to determine the achieved credits. It’s critically important to get the ecologist in early in order to meet the RIBA stage 1 requirement.

We have provided BREEAM support for a wide range of developments from healthcare, schools and commercial business parks.

Pippin Street BREEAM Development at Burscough, Lancashire.

Two plans showing the Pippin Street site. Plan 1 depicts the final development, whereas Plan 2 shows the habitat overlay, which allows the ecologist to determine where the habitats fall in the development site and calculate the species numbers on site.