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We specialise in biodiversity surveys for a wide range of clients to support planning applications from small schemes up to large scale projects that require full Ecological Impact Assessments (EIA’s). Clients range from local planning authorities, county councils, the Environment Agency and construction companies to large Plc. companies. We specialise in protected species surveys of all types including, but not limited to; great crested newt, bats, water vole, otter, reptiles, badger and birds. Our specialist team of ecologists understand the importance of protecting the landscape and have full surveying capability of all habitat types.

We pride ourselves in delivering pragmatic guidance, utilising the latest policies, legislation and ecological knowledge. We support clients, large or small in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Ecology Services Ltd was established in 2002 by the Managing Director Lyn Eccles-Sargeant. We are a growing company built on solid foundations with a highly experienced team of ecologists. We provide a high quality service partnering our clients, which is practical, environmentally sustainable and professional.

Our ecological services are driven by current legislation and planning policy. Recent commissions have included assessments for:

  • Housing developments (bats/great crested newts/barn owls…)
  • Designing and implementing restoration works at landfill and quarry sites
  • Ecological Impact Assessments (EIA’s) for larger developments, including road schemes, industrial estates and pipeline projects
  • Protected species surveys and mitigation works
  • Habitat surveys / enhancement / creation and mitigation
  • Marina developments including, protected species/habitat surveys, mitigation proposals and boat traffic assessments
  • Biodiversity surveys provide information for the creation of public spaces as well as management plans for areas of conservation interest.

Our services can be as simple as providing advice to a concerned party to undertaking full Ecological Impact Assessments for Ecological Statements.

We are a multi-disciplinary practice with a broad base of skills providing a complete range of services associated with protected species and habitat management. These include biodiversity surveys and mitigation projects where required, including botanical surveys, Phase 1 & 2 habitat surveys and National Vegetation Classification (NVC), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), woodland / grassland habitat management, creation, restoration and the implementation of aftercare.

We offer a comprehensive service

We survey, design and implement our client’s projects with our fully trained and qualified staff who are multi-disciplinary environmental professionals with a wide experience of town planning, landscape management, ecology and environmental legislation. Ecology Services offer our clients a fully comprehensive approach to environmental services.

Ecology Services Ltd has particular expertise in herpetology and has strong links with the British Herpetological Society. All survey and mitigation work strictly follow the best practice great crested newt mitigation guidelines set out by Natural England. Staff hold great crested newt survey licences issued by Natural England for all the counties in England. We also hold Great crested newt mitigation licences issued by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Skilled Experience

We have years of experience with projects involving habitat management and environmental impact assessments (EIAs) which required vegetation, amphibian, water vole, bat, barn owl, reptile, crayfish and badger surveys.

Previous work has included species protection and habitat creation, enhancement, and restoration, in accordance with planning conditions. We are also experienced in the planning, design, implementation and management of urban parks, country parks and woodlands as well as wetland management projects including marshes, reed-beds, open lakes, rivers, ponds, heath-land, short grassland, lowland meadows and ancient forests, estuarine / wetland bird surveys.

Our largest project to date is the extended phase 1 habitat survey undertaken for United Utilities Plc in relation to the two pipelines; the Hodder and Lcus Aqueduct.

Commissions recently undertaken by Ecology Services Ltd. include: BAE Systems, Wigan Council, Edmund Nuttall Ltd, Tetrosyl, George Wimpey Manchester, Fairclough Homes Ltd and sub-contractual surveys for Penny Anderson Associates Ltd. See case studies for brief details of recent contracts.

To be an Environmental Consultancy that provides the highest quality service to our clients; one that is practical, efficient, environmentally sustainable and professional.

Health & Safety

Ecology Services Ltd recognises its responsibility to ensure, so far as reasonably practical, the health, safety and welfare of its employees. We promote a safe and healthy working environment promoting a health and safety culture, by providing training, identifying and controlling our health and safety risks, reducing the potential for accidents, checking legislative compliance and improving overall performance.

We are accredited within the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) having demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current health and safety legislation.


Ecology Services Ltd is a consultancy practice which specialises in providing advice to clients to minimise potentially harmful effects on wildlife; and to seek opportunities to provide benefits to wildlife. Much of the work carried our by the company has a direct impacts upon improving the environment.

We recognise that company activities have environmental consequences. The company is committed to seeking out and implementing measures to reduce our environmental impact, which are subject to monitoring as part of our Environmental Management Systems. We undertake voluntary carbon calculations and since 2016 we have off set our carbon dioxide emissions, through supporting various projects. In 2017 we supported Americas region of the world, through clean energy generation, improving efficiency; and reducing deforestation.


Ecology Services Ltd provides a service that is consistent, prompt and of high quality. We hold Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015, we continually learn, raising out quality assurance within the business.

We are also registered with Achillies (the Utility Vendor Database), which audits health and safety, quality and environment. During our 2018 Achilles Audit we received 100% for Quality.

  • BAE Systems – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a road and industrial estate development, including amphibian surveys and mitigation, NVC vegetation surveys, mammal, bird and bat surveys. Habitat enhancement and restoration works including bat hibernation roost creation.
  • United Utilities Plc – Ecological assessments including amphibian surveys and mitigation, extended phase 1 habitat surveys and desktop studies. See our case study here.
  • Bent Hall Landfill Site – Extended phase 1 habitat survey, full pond survey (including aquatic invertebrate survey) and a restoration management plan.
  • Cass Associates – Great crested newt and vegetation surveys.
  • Edmund Nuttall Limited – Great crested newt survey.
  • Environment Agency – River Corridor Surveys
  • Wharfdale Home Care – Great crested newt survey, mitigation work and habitat assessment.
  • Lancashire County Council – Ecological surveys including bat, breeding bird, amphibian, badger, water vole and vegetation surveys.  Mitigation works for bats and great crested newts.
  • Chelford Homes – Great crested newt mitigation and population monitoring, invasive species surveys and site assessments.
  • Cumbrian Industrial Limited – Breeding bird and water vole survey works.
  • Fairclough Homes Limited – Environmental Impact Assessments including hydrological, invertebrate, mammal, vegetation and great crested newt surveys and mitigation schemes.
  • Galloway’s Society for the Blind – Pond restoration and great crested newt surveys.
  • George Wimpey (Manchester/North West & Cheshire) Plc – Environmental Impact Assessments including vegetation, amphibian, mammal and bat surveys and mitigation method statements.
  • Glenkemp – Amphibian surveys.
  • Hillside Golf Course – Vegetation surveys of dune slack habitat.
  • Jones & Company – Bat and barn owl investigations.
  • KKA Limited – Ecological assessments.
  • LRM & Thames Water – Great crested newt surveys.
  • Penny Anderson Associates – Great crested newt surveys.
  • Persimmon Homes (Northern) – Ecological assessments, breeding bird surveys, otter survey & amphibian mitigation works.
  • Smithsgore (Duchy of Lancaster) – Water vole survey and recommendations.
  • Tetrosyl Limited – Environmental Impact Assessments including vegetation, bat, water vole, fish, amphibian surveys and subsequent bat mitigation works.
  • The Environment Partnership – Several great crested newt surveys and mitigation, water vole survey / mitigation schemes, kingfisher surveys and extended phase 1 habitat surveys of upland areas.
  • Hart Common Golf Course – Amphibian surveys.
  • Heartbeat – Amphibian mitigation works.
  • Wigan Borough Council – Great crested newt surveys, including extended phase 1 habitat surveys and a mitigation licence application.
  • Tarmac Northern Limited – Supervising the removal and storage of upland turf within a SAC.
  • Helical Technology – Environmental Impact Assessment of salt marsh habitat.
  • Hay Carr Estates Limited – Protected species surveys and mitigation licence application.
  • Frank Whittaker Town & Country Planning – Extended phase 1 habitat survey, bat and barn owl investigations.
  • Small Developers – Habitat assessments, amphibian and bat surveys/investigations.
  • Pencon Conservation Group – Monitoring a translocated population of great crested newts.
  • University of Central Lancashire – Lectures on Ecology and amphibian mitigation works.

Public / Employee Liability & Indemnity Insurance

Ecology Services Limited’s vision is to provide a high quality, professional service, and we consider public and employee liability and indemnity insurance to be an important part of this service.
Public liability £1,000,000
Employee liability £10,000,000
Indemnity Insurance for £2,000,000
Indemnity Insurance can be increased depending on the project size.

Institute Membership

The Company Director is a full member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM).  Members of the IEEM are bound to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct. Information on the Code of Professional Conduct can be obtained from;

Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
43, Southgate Street
Hampshire  SO23 9EH

Company Registration/Offices

Company Number 4743264 (Registered in England)
Registered Office:
5, Ribblesdale Place
Preston  PR1 8BZ

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2. How do we process personal data?

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